I had a busy weekend。On Saturday morning,I cleaned my room.It was tired,but my room very clean.In the afternoon,I play sports with my mother.In the evening,I did my homework。On Sunday morning,I went to the library.I read a book about Chinese.I like went to the library.On sunday afternoon,I went to the farm to helped the farmers pick apples.Then I went to the home. In the evening.I went to the supermarket with my mother.It was interesting.

  I really love this weekend.I hope every weekend happy.


  Last weekend,I did a lot of things.It was fun!

  On Saturday morning,I cleaned the room.Then I did my homework.It's so hard.After that,I went to the library.I have some questions so I need to find the answers in the books.

  The next day,I flied kites in the park.As soon as I came back home from the park,my friends phoned me to go to the zoo.When we went back home,it was very late.So I played the giutar for a few time and then went to bed.

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